Sheri Nicholls

Sheri Nichols - President-Elect

When did you become a member of W.A.R.?

I became a member of WAR not long after I was a participant in the 1st WRA clinic that was held in Fort Smith 3 years ago. I have seen the club grow tremendously since and it's wonderful to see so many active members!

What kind of races do you run?

5Ks being my least favorite I run them as well as Color & Mud Runs. My more serious races are 10Ks, 1/2 and Full Marathons. I have also been introduced to Trail Running and just recently completed my 1st 50K. I have been active on the Arkansas Grand Prix Race Circuit for 2 years now.

What was your favorite race and why?

This is a very hard question to answer as I have so many to choose from! My 1st 5K of course as it was the most memorable as I took 1st place in my Age Group and I was shocked at my finishing time, as I had actually run faster than I did while training. I would have to say that the 2012 Survivor's Challenge was the most fun as I ran it with a good friend and we both had great runs and it was the first time that we had both ran an entire 10K. Both of us achieved PR's that day. It was just one of those "Feel Good" runs that every runner dreams of having on race day.

What interests do you have outside of running?

I love working out at the gym, fishing, camping, traveling, cooking, shopping and hanging out at my farm with my Horses, Dogs, Cats and Donkey's.

Fun Fact (something nobody knows about you):

I used to be a Ballet Dancer :)