Cindy McConnell

Cindy McConnell - Treasurer

When did you become a member of W.A.R.?

I’ve been a member of the club since 2009 (prior to it officially becoming W.A.R.) and was part of the grass roots movement to unite the runners of this area. It was a huge success and has grown way past my wildest imagination!

What kind of races do you run?

My favorite distance is the half-marathon. It’s still challenging, but the training is manageable, leaving time to pursue other activities.

What was your favorite race and why?

Austin Half Marathon in 2010 – 1st race of any distance. I call it the gateway race.

What interests do you have outside of running?

Rock climbing, backpacking, hiking, biking, paddling, gym workouts, photography, and watching the Razorbacks and the Cowboys.

Fun Fact (something somebody would not know about you):

I’ve had stitches from running and cycling, there have been many ups and downs doing what I love.